Stop Cavities with Tooth Fillings in Sumter

Cavities are common, even when you brush and floss regularly. If you discover that you need tooth fillings in Sumter, you can trust our team at Advanced Sumter Dentistry. Our dental fillings will:

  • Repair any damage caused by cavities and strengthen your teeth
  • Look completely natural and blend in with your smile
  • Prevent further tooth decay and restore your oral health
  • Give you back a pain-free bite

If you need a dental filling, we’ll get your smile back to normal. Call us today at 803-302-3903 and schedule your appointment.

Restore Your Mouth with Dental Fillings to Prevent Further Damage

The last thing you want to do is ignore any dental pain you might be experiencing. Without treatment, cavities can lead to further problems, including tooth decay and problems chewing. Plus, they can impact your other teeth. Rest assured, teeth fillings are one of the most common procedures, and you can take comfort in our 40 years of experience treating patients at Advanced Sumter Dentistry.

During your regularly scheduled cleaning, we examine your teeth for any cavities. If we find that fillings are necessary, we will treat your cavity as soon as possible. Our natural looking fillings are made of composite resin instead of metal. This means:

  • The filling in your tooth won’t be noticeable since we match it to the natural color of your tooth.
  • You avoid the mercury found in metal fillings. Even though the FDA and the American Dental Association both say mercury in fillings is safe, we prefer to avoid it when possible.
  • More of your natural tooth structure remains, since these fillings don’t need as much preparation.

Call us at 803-302-3903 for tooth fillings in Sumter. We’ll give your mouth the treatment it deserves and, with our short wait times, you’ll get your smile back in no time.