We Can Help During Any Dental Emergencies in Sumter

Just like other types of emergencies, Sumter dental emergencies can happen at any time, usually when you’re unprepared and least expect it. Whether you’re experiencing a dental emergency right now or not, knowing where to find a skilled and experienced dentist is a wise move. You can trust us during your dental crisis. Our treatment will:

  • Target your immediate dental need
  • Stop your pain so you can relax
  • Provide care to restore and protect your smile
  • Help prevent more widespread problems

Call us now at 803-302-3903 and we’ll fit you in as soon as possible, the same day in most cases. Our team is ready to help you smile again!

Get Treatment Fast For Your Dental Emergency

Over more than 40 years of practice experience, your dentist has helped an untold number of patients with their dental disasters. Along with his experience, he has assembled a top-notch dental team that will provide compassionate and gentle care during your visit. Even if you suffer from dental anxiety, our staff is specially trained to help you relax and lie back in comfort while we take care of your smile.

Below are some of the treatments we often use when a patient comes in with a dental emergency:

  • Tooth-Colored Fillings – Our fillings will stop your pain, repair your tooth, and help you bite and chew comfortably again. Plus, they don’t contain mercury or any other metal.
  • Root Canal Treatment – We use the WaveOne system that allows for precise and comfortable procedures. A root canal will eliminate your toothache and save your tooth from extraction in most cases.
  • Dental Crowns and Bridges – If you break or lose a tooth, we can use these restorations to give you back your smile and your bite.
  • Same-Day Veneers – Using the FirstFit system, we can design and make your new veneer all in one appointment. We can easily repair damaged teeth without the need for you to make a return visit.
  • Tooth Removal – If we can’t save your tooth, we’ll gently remove it to get you out of pain and preserve your oral health.

Don’t suffer in pain another minute! Call the pro team at Advanced Sumter Dentistry for any dental emergencies in Sumter. We’ll make sure you get the treatment you need fast. For non-emergency needs such as regular checkups, you can also request an appointment online.