Enjoy a Fresh Mouth With Dental Cleanings & Exams in Sumter

You wouldn’t dare drive your car indefinitely without doing routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations. So, why should your one-and-only smile be any different? Without regular care, your smile will slowly deteriorate. That’s why Sumter dental cleanings and exams are so important. Routine care for your smile will help you:

  • Keep your teeth clean
  • Maintain good oral health
  • Catch and treat problems when they’re small
  • Enjoy peace of mind about your smile

Don’t leave your smile to chance! Call the team at Advanced Sumter Dentistry today at 803-302-3903 to schedule your next checkup. Our friendly dental office is especially convenient for residents of the following ZIP codes: 29150, 29151, 29152, 29153, and 29154.

Take Care of Your Smile With Cleanings & Exams

In a recent survey, virtually all (99.7 percent) of people said that a smile is a good social asset. If you want to have the most beautiful and healthy smile you can, regular cleanings and exams are crucial.

At Advanced Sumter Dentistry, our team loves to see new patients. We won’t keep you waiting long, although you’ll enjoy our comfortable waiting area. You’ll receive personalized attention at your first visit and at every visit to our practice. We’ll take time to get to know you and your smile, while advising you on good oral hygiene and tips to help you keep your smile looking great.

Once you’re seated in one of our dental chairs, we’ll go to work examining and cleaning your teeth. Besides the standard visual exam you’d expect from a general dentist, you’ll benefit from:

  • Digital X-rays – These X-rays expose you to a fraction of the radiation of standard X-rays.
  • Panoramic X-rays – We can take X-rays that capture your entire mouth in a single image to help us spot problems.
  • Transillumination – By shining light through your teeth, we can more easily diagnose problems like cavities and cracked teeth.

After your examination, your dental hygienist will carefully clean and polish each of your teeth. If needed, we can apply a topical anesthetic gel to keep you comfortable. You’ll leave with a fresh-feeling mouth and greater confidence that your smile is attractive.

Dental cleanings and exams in Sumter help you maintain a beautiful smile. Call Advanced Sumter Dentistry today at 803-302-3903 to schedule your next checkup.