Relieve Your Toothache with Root Canals in Sumter

No one likes to think about getting a root canal. In fact, it has gotten quite the bad reputation. However, a root canal means that your dentist is removing the infection and it’s no more painful than a tooth filling. With root canals in Sumter, you are not only saving your tooth and stopping the infection, but you can also relax in knowing:

  • Root canals actually spare you from the pain that can happen with a serious tooth infection
  • You will prevent more serious dental problems since your tooth structure will remain intact
  • You preserve your oral health and avoid putting your healthy teeth and gums at risk

What would be worse is letting an infection go untreated! Contact Advanced Sumter Dentistry today at 803-302-3903 to schedule your appointment immediately.

Ease Your Dental Pain with Our Root Canals

Your toothache might be a sign that you’ll need restorative care. If your tooth infection has gone down to the soft inner portion of your tooth, that means you will need a root canal. However, that sounds worse than it actually is! With our 40 years of experience and our advanced technology, you will discover a root canal is no worse than getting a tooth filling.

Here’s how we make it as smooth of a process as possible:

  • We use the WaveOne Gold system for precise and comfortable care so you aren’t in the dentist chair as long
  • Our intraoral cameras allow us to show you where the infection is and discuss how it can be treated
  • We use an anesthetic that will help you remain calm and relaxed during your procedure

Stop the pain and get your smile back. For root canals in Sumter, contact us today at 803-302-3903. We offer same-day appointments and emergency appointments on a case-by-case basis.